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Isobel Tynan

Corporate Coaching and Organisational Development


Isobel Tynan

Deep knowledge and experience of the PSF and financal services sector (including more that 8 years as Head of Learning and Talent Development in top Irish law firm)

Significant business, coaching and psychology-based training and qualifiations:

  • Msc in Work and Organisational Behaviour (DCU), 2013 with qualitative PSF research (undertaken with 19 participants from10 international law firms) on: Career progression of female lawyers
  • Playing Big: Globally acclaimed female leadership programme 2014, 2017
  • MBTI accredited 2008
  • NLP Practitioner 2005

AC accredited coach since 2014. As a practicing coach, I adhere to the AC code of ethics and ensure that I have regular sessions with my coach and keep my own coaching knowledge up-to-date.

About Coaching

As a corporate coach, I view my role as a change agent supporting individuals and their teams to create sustained behavioural change in a way that's aligned to organisational strategy.

Coaching models I use frequently include appreciative inquiry, reflective coaching and goal setting theory. Organisational diagnostic frameworks I find particularly helpful are the McKinsey 7 S model and Kotter’s 8-step change model.

Always, there is a focus on coaching adding value to the organisation and the coaching client.

Coaching at different career stages

Coaching has significant impact at different career stages.

As an individual contributor coaching is powerful for:

  • Skill development – Building up core skills e.g. creating a strong network, developing client relationships, handing difficult conversations
  • Performance Management – Improving effectiveness in current role (as part of career progression plan)
  • Career Transition – Ensuring successful and sustainable transition and integration into new role and clarifying a road map for future career progression

As a people manager and leader coaching supports:

  • Individual transformation - Changing mindset for success e.g. client and practice development, Motivating and engaging team members
  • Organisational transformation - Impacting and influencing organizational culture through e.g. intergrating a high-performance culture, creating effective and strong leadership

coaching stages diagram

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